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                                             PIONEER-DEMOCRATIC MODEL OF MODERNIZATION:                                                                                         CREATING A UNIQUE STATE POLITICAL SYSTEM IN THE USA                                          (ON THE COMPARATIVE FORMULATION OF THE PROBLEM)


Salomatin Aleksey Yuryevich, Doctor of juridical sciences, doctor of historical sciences, professor, head of sub-department of political science and law foundations, director of the Center of comparative legal policy, Penza State
University, full member of the Academy of political science,

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Thanks to extremely favorable geographic and climate conditions, great immigration and democracy starting at the bottom level American modernization has been unique. The author confirms its uniqueness comparing Modernization in the USA to the development of European, Southern American countries, Canada and Russia.

Key words

modernization; models of Modernization; Modernization in the USA; State and Political System of the USA; USA History in the 19-th – 20-th centuries.

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